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    Chairman's Message

Message from Our Chairman

I believe it is our job as food providers, caterers, parents and hosts to offer the best produce available, with knowledge and value. Our passion is perfection and we are ready to deliver that.

We at The BAFCO Group consciously endeavour to build upon two central pillars. On the one hand, our unwavering obligation to our shareowners, customers and employees to effectively compete in an ever-expanding marketplace while on the other hand we ensure through our actions a determined commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen.

We believe that private enterprise is crucial for the growth of any region. Therefore, business must exist in an atmosphere where corporate initiatives and public policy work in harmony. To deliver on this essential theme our business goals are not solely financial. We carefully define opportunities that will not only enrich the region for many, many years but will broaden the region's private sector base as well.

Our core businesses of Import, processing and export of Pulses have synergies through a diverse customer base brimming with potential, while at the same time they provide us with balance from an economic perspective. We serve a multitude of customers by delivering products that are high yield in quality and safety. This gives us a value-added product criteria that rigorously compels us to be on the cutting edge of innovation and technology. Our long-term focus and commitment to these business segments give us a strong platform for exponential growth.

In an ever-changing business climate, what defines our true competitive advantage is the talented men and women under our roof who constantly and tirelessly raise the bar of performance both individually and in teams.

We view our role in terms of development, be it economic, social or human, coupled with a relentless commitment to add value to our customers and shareowners alike. In the final analysis, it is all about growth and growth is all about people.

I welcome you all to the world of Bafco Group

Khaled Ali Rashid Al Ameen